Message from the President of AFID
Dr. Yolanda S. Quijano
President Quijano

AFID holds a conference every two year – time and this year, the Philippines for the third time will host the 25th AFID Conference on Intellectual Disabilities. As concerns increased over the spread of the corona virus, we have changed the format into a Virtual conference to protect the health of conference goers and presenters.

This conference is a testament to the high level of collaboration among the Asian Countries and the multi-sectoral partnerships in the Philippines that champion the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, as proclaimed in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The benefit of such collaboration is the institutionalization of policies and practices that promote equity and inclusion among these people through the schools and communities, which is the main agenda of this conference.

We enjoin your participation for there are opportunities to exchange experiences, discover novel ideas amidst this pandemic and discuss future directions. All the discussions in the sessions will culminate with recommendations in terms of policies and programs, which participants should commit to implement in order that people with intellectual disabilities will uphold their dignity as they live in an inclusive and sustainable life in the family and society.

Finally, I hope that participants will find time to network with colleagues and enjoy the virtual activities in this conference. Welcome and Mabuhay!

Message from the President of PAFID
Hon. Councilor Jorge L. Banal
President Banal

The Philippines, Metro Manila in particular, has been severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis. But this situation does not hold back our commitment to the Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities to host this Conference as PAFID shares its strategy of vibrant exchanges of ideas and work in synergy to ensure equitable and inclusive quality education and lifelong learning to people with intellectual disabilities.

PAFID, Inc. is truly grateful to be the host of this Conference as we are blessed to have the following partners in making this virtual event a reality: the Quezon City Government, Therap Global and the Philippines Department of Education, Early Childhood Care and Development Council, the National Council for Disability Affairs Office, the Local Government of Quezon City Government, UNESCO and UNICEF.

In these challenging times, it is highly essential for us to engage our peers in constant discussions and promote a deeper involvement in the process of inclusion, its issues and how to address these. These actions will certainly support the persons with intellectual disabilities and their families so they may attain the future they envision.

We are honored to welcome you to the 25th Virtual Conference of Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities. Mabuhay!

How to attend the AFID 25th online conference at the
Therap Global Virtual Conference Center

If you have registered for the conference, you will be provided with your login credentials via email. You will then login to the Therap Global Virtual Conference center using your login credentials.

How to attend AFID 25th virtual conference
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